Development of a methodology for monitoring, analysis and evaluation of public policies and projects

Lyaskovets Municipality / 2014-04-28

The objectives of the project include effective policy application with the participation of municipal administration representatives and citizens and formation of the strategic statement of Lyaskovets Municipality, in keeping with public needs.

Introduction of an effective mechanism for monitoring and control of municipal policies and projects has been made.

The main purpose of monitoring the public policies and projects of Lyaskovets Municipality is tracking and measuring of the objectives and results achieved, as well as of the effectiveness of their accomplishment.

The development of the methodology will contribute to achieving effectiveness and efficiency of projects and policies and the formation of the strategic statement of Lyaskovets Municipality, in keeping with public needs.

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Training of Organizational Units within the Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice / 2010-12-13

The overall objective of “Strengthening the Capacity of the Specialized Administration of the Minister of Justice Pursuant to its Powers under the Judiciary System Act, of the State Judicial Enforcement Officers and of the Judges of Entries” project is professionalism enhancement in the units, which perform functions in relation to the judiciary and support or are accountable to the Minister of Justice.

Training needs analysis of public servants in "Interaction with the judiciary and judicial staff” department, "Financial control of PEA and Statistics” department, and other servants of the Inspectorate of the Minister of Justice was provided.

Analysis of similar administrative structures in ministries responsible for justice in the EU Member States was conducted.

Working visit to France for Inspectorate’s servants for experience exchange and improvement of their skills and qualifications was organized.

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