Integrated Consultancy Service for the Development of Public Organisations and SMEs

STRATEGMA Agency - own project / 2012-12-15

The project is being developed with the financial support of the Bulgarian Innovation Fund, contract No 6ИФ-02-8/ 15.12.2012 for project ИФ-00-06-63.

The project started as a formulated technology concept and is being developed in three phases:
  • Collection, classification and clustering of data – completed.
  • Analysis of the feasibility of the leading methods for OD in the Bulgarian environment and synthesis of methods for OD of public organizations and SMEs – completed.
  • Experimental approbation of the developed methods - the technology was validated in a relevant environment. It is being demonstrated in 5 SMEs and 5 public organisations at present.

Trifonova T., Markov Ya.: Understanding the Value of Organizational Learning: The Unutilized Internal Resource (pdf, 995.67 KB), Managing Intellectual Capital and Innovation for Sustainable and Inclusive Society, Proceedings of the MakeLearn and TIIM Joint International Conference, 27-29 May 2015, Bari, Italy, ISBN 978-961-6914-13-0 (PDF), ISSN 2232-3309, May 2015

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