Development of a pop-up science stand concept for Science Squared project


We took the second place in the international competition for design and elaboration of an interactive pop-up science stand aiming to promote European project ERC=Science².

ERC=Science² is an Europe-wide communications campaign which uses popular scientific themes such as ‘cities of the future’ and ‘robotics’ to tell stories about the breakthrough science funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and the potential impact it can have on our lives.

Our project is done in collaboration with company IVOFORM LTD.

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Marketing of tourism products of Letnitsa Municipality

Letnitsa Municipality / 2012-11-28

46 audio-visual elements, each lasting 4 minutes, HD DVD format - presented on Internet and computer (KIOSKS). Each piece is voiced in 8 languages: Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian and Japanese.

Designing the structure of the public part of the management of the audio-visual facilities and the virtual tour guide.

Developing a computer- based software for managing the audio- visual content – public interface which grants access to the various audio- visual materials.

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