Development and implementation of rules and methods for monitoring, control and measurement of the Municipal Development Plan of Nevestino Municipality

Nevestino Municipality / 2014-02-25

The project aimed to develop and implement policies and procedures for monitoring, control and measurement in the implementation of municipal policies and developing short and long term municipal programs for energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy and biofuels.

OPACNevestinomunicipal development planlocal economic development

Ex-post evaluation of the Municipal Development Plan 2007-2013 of Tryavna Municipality

Tryavna Municipality / 2014-02-06

The main objective of the project is to increase the efficiency of the process of development and implementation of policies and strategic planning in the Municipality Tryavna in partnership with all stakeholders.
Ex-post evaluation of the strategic document was made. Rules for monitoring and control of the implementation of sectoral policy for economic development were introduced.

TryavnaOPACmunicipal policieslocal economic development