Information systems, web sites and portals, as a means of collecting, processing, analysis and / or dissemination of information are part of the portfolio of Strategma that helps our clients to reach a wide audience of users using available data efficiently. To that end we build lasting partnerships with our customers.

Our solutions include:
  • Modern responsive web design, optimized for desktop and mobile devices - tablets, smart phones, as well as the needs of users with disabilities.
  • Modern technology - Drupal 7 & 8 content management system, LimeSurvey system for Internet questionnaires and data collection, Linux / Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP environment - currently selected by organizations such as the European Commission and the World Bank.
  • Libraries for data presentation and exchange - maps, a wide variety of graphs and charts, RSS feeds, XML / CSV / XLSX exchange, email newsletters and more.
  • Information systems, made at the request of a client or for the market – Buyer's Profile, Theater ticket sales in cash and online, Register of Municipal Property, Management and planning of international funding programmes.
  • Optimisation of target audience acquisition and retention - integration with Social networks, audience monitoring with Google Analytics and more.
Specialized software "Buyer's Profile"

Specialized software "Buyer's Profile"

Strategma AgencyAmendments to Public procurement law and due to increase in demands on published documents relating to public procurement tenders by public bodies in July 2014 we have elaborated specialized module "Buyer's Profile".

The module provides effective implementation of the new regulatory requirements.

On request of our client within 5 working days we could configure the module to correspond to the visual identity of the contractor and internal rules of the Public procurement law.

Demo version:

Public procurement lawmodule
System for Internet questionnaires and data collection

System for Internet questionnaires and data collection

Strategma Agency
Data Collection is an important aspect of any type of research study. Field studies include quantitative methods such as data collection through structured questionnaires.

STRATEGMA Agency uses informational system for Internet questionnaires and data collection and thus necessary data is provided in the most efficient and convenient way.

It is one of the most powerful and popular free open source software survey tool on the web.

Development and Implementation of a Web Based Data Collection and Dissemination System for Epidemiological Surveillance in Bulgaria

Development and Implementation of a Web Based Data Collection and Dissemination System for Epidemiological Surveillance in Bulgaria

Ministry of Health of Bulgaria and the Regional Office for Europe of the WHO
Development and implementation of a web based data collection and dissemination system for epidemiological surveillance of Measles, Mumps and Rubella in Bulgaria. The system allows adding other diseases processed on case-by-case basis at a later time.
The system is a database driven web application. The users from all target groups need only a standard modern browser to access it. The software has the functionalities like ability to collect data, using several layers of input, to validate and analyse the data, to manage users and their access rights and to present the data in Bulgarian and in English.

System support is provided, including hosting and software maintenance for a period of 5 years.

WHOministry of health